Cannot delete Cloud Access user (not admin)

OS 5: Cannot delete Cloud Access user. Error message: " * Something went wrong, please check that you have an active Internet connection and try again." Nothing wrong with Internet connection, same instruction works with another WD OS 5 NAS on same network. Problem could be that email address was originally set to the same as the admin email address. The objective is to replace the same user Cloud Access account with a different email address.

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oooh. . . I had that happen to me earlier.

OS5 really doesn’t like multiple users with the same email address. I think this is a unresolved bug.

In a similar vein; Win10 really doesn’t like a device that has multiple users (different credentials).

Instead of deleting the user. . .try changing the email address. Hopefully, that works.

I think ultimately, I had to do a 4-second reset (which can be done from the UI - I forget the exact wording of the type of reset). Reset was a very simple process. . . . All of the users were wiped; but the shares were left intact. Was fairly painless. . . . except that the unit did an indexing task (which took over a day for 1.5TB of data)

Thank you - at least I’m not the only one. When I first set up my two NAS servers, I assumed that login was by username and password, and e-mail was used for notification… After that, I saw that login was by e-mail address and password. There is no way that I’ve found to change the email address of a user; I can only change the username and password – but not the email address.

The reset idea is a good one – provided that all the data are left intact.

I have a support request to WD on this, and will see if they have a better solution. Will report back when they do.

@alaz0 Whats your support case number? Please collect the My Cloud system logs and attach to your support case.

The “System Only Restore” is the type of reset mentioned in this thread and it does not delete any personal data.

Thank you for the extremely quick reply!!! Also pardon the frustrations….

The submitted case number is: 201102-001288

I started this specific case yesterday, which was a Sunday. No issues with me. I’ll work with you any way that I can.

Thank you! - Andy

I’m having same issue. Just upgraded to OS5 and I cannot delete a cloud user. Is the only way to fix this is a system only restore? This upgrade has been a nightmare and I don’t recommend updating. It’s been 3 days and I’m still trying to get everyone access…please help!

Deleing the invited User from the users tab will delete the Cloud User.

It won’t let me delete the user or the cloud user…

There is a better way!

  1. As admin, go in and change the problem user name to something else. I believe this works; as I recall it did for me.

  2. Create a new user with the problem user name. You will now have the “something else” user with all its files, and the new user with no files.

  3. Go to apps, and install the “Internal backup” app in the app list.

  4. I forget the details, but recall that it was easy. You may need to adjust some user permissions. Run “Internal backup” for the entire file collection from “something else” user to the “correct name” user. This will take some time.

  5. Check, carefully, that the two file sets are identical.

  6. Go to the new “correct name” account and try to log into WD Cloud using your existing account. It should log you in; mine did.

  7. You now should have a complete working copy of everything (you will probably need to adjust some permissions and settings to match). Check everything.

  8. Delete the “something else” user from your system. Note: it will be permanently and completely deleted.

  9. Voila! You now have the collection of accounts and settings as you want. It’s a bit of a pain, but not a large amount of work – but a LOT less work and problems by resetting the whole thing.

Good luck! Any problems, note it back here; I’ll get the WD notification and get back to you.

  • Andy

I just re-read your post. I will check into how I deleted the old “something else” user. It did work.

@MyCloud3user did you restore from a backup config file?
If no, can you send the system logs via support case?
Reason is, User tab is local device share access user, so the fact that you cannot delete a local user using Web Browser is not normal. Of course System Only restore will surely resolve.

The WDStaff reply is right. I had old concerns about what is local information and what is open or Cloud information; but my key information is local using Samba. You might want to check how you log into your own NAS; I use Apple devices, and was using “afp://…” and had weird problems; then I realized that WD needs “smb://…” and the weird problems went away.