DL4100 Cloud Access user removal

On the configure cloud access page I have a person on the list that I have no idea what so ever where it came from, its bugging me as there is no button or way to get rid of it that I can see, anyone have any idea how to remove them?

If i click on their name is all i get is invite…ermmm no!

thanks very much

Hi @lynchnigel,

Please refer below link to check how to add or remove Users on a My Cloud device through MyCloud.com:
How to add or remove Users on a My Cloud device through MyCloud.com

Hope it helps!!

Hello there, no that doesn’t work. The user is in the list on the left hand side, but hasn’t been invited ! How did they get into the list?
I’ve tried your method, that just takes me back into the internal interface for my DL4100 and which gives me the above.
I’ve tried adding some false email to add them to see what happens and then I get a delete button, which deletes the user, but NOT from the left side list! which is where I want to remove them from!

Can you provide a screen shot of that particular page with the unwanted e-mail address?

A possible solution and just a warning that I’ve not tried it. I think if you delete the Cloud Account for Device Owner, and then re-create the cloud account for the device owner then I think any other invited people will get kicked off.

When I select the option to erase the device owner’s account this is the question the the NAS asks…


I have OS5 installed on my NAS. Which one is on yours? OS3 or OS5?

sure this user is no where to be seen on my DL4100 what so ever, never has been, the others are accounts on the NAS related to shares.

By the way this user has invite next to them and like i say no where to be seen anywhere.