Removal of NFS support

Oh removal of NFS support in this new firmware version is a big deal.  I will have to either never update my firmware or return the EX4 for a refund and purchase a product that supports NFS.  Luckily I am still within my refund period.  


What were they thinking?!?!

NFS is all I use in my home network.

I just opened a support ticket requesting a refund.  That’s crazy to remove NFS support in a NAS system.  I guess I will have to try out Synology or Drobo.  

Yeah, I’m puzzled by that choice.

Best of luck! Let me know what you end up with. After all the issues, and lack of features I will be looking elsewhere when I upgrade to a higher unit. I feel like WD should still have this device in the labs and not out in the hands of customers. To much needs to be done!


I can’t beleive this.  I just tried the update and saw the warning…   What are they thinking…  

NFS is used a lot by anyone who has a serious server/network at home/office…

Looks like I’m not upgrading to this version.

Do I feel stupid!!! If I had received a logical explanation from WD for removing NFS support I would feel better, but no explanation was given. When I searched for a NAS that was one of the main features that I requested in my purchase and to have them take that option away from me, “because they can”, has me back to they way that I felt about WD for years. I hate that I convinced a couple of my customers to buy WD HDD’s but I will buy the products they purchased and count my losses. I am so embarrassed that I spent that kind of money on a product that I have no control over whatsoever. Oh well count me out WD. As the saying goes you live, you learn. That’s twice that you have screwed me, but, I PROMISE this was the last. Do I feel stupid!!! (Let me hurry and get this thing posted on eBay before they flood the site with them… And yes having NFS support was big to me because I paid my money for what I wanted and expected)

All I can say is the individual who runs the mycloud line at wd should be fired for the way they handle this product. They just don’t get it

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Well I guess the old adage is true:  You get what you pay for.  The EX4 is cheaper than other offerings, but now we know why.  I guess I will be paying a few hundred more dollars for a synology NAS, but at least it will actually function like a true NAS and not just a bunch of hard drives with a NIC attached which is all the EX4 is really good for now.  I knew I should have sprung for a better NAS instead of trying to save a few bucks with the EX4.  Western Digital please stick to making hard drives and leave the NAS to the pros.  You clearly have no idea what you’re doing.

This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. My entire network was set up using NFS support and now I am completely unable to access my shares that I had set up. There is over 4TB of content that I need to access and am unable to.

How do you access the drive to transfer content? I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out, I’m in a very bad situation here.

EDIT - I think I may have found a solution. Through Twonky you can set up “Aggregated” shares and it allows you to re-map the network drives. What a catastrophe that shouldn’t have been done in the first place. Hopefully this is a reliable fix and stays stable.

Well This **bleep**… NFS was one of the reasons i chose WD MyClould for my NAS device. 

Does anyone know if it is possible to roll back the firmware, after the new firmware  has been installed. If so where can I find the older versions. 

This means the next firmware release for EX2 (which is what I have) will be losing NFS support too. Agree with others - this is a bad decision.

Hi Guys!

Since you seem to know what you are talking about (and I don’t), please allow me an amateur question:

I am using the EX4 with only Windows 7/8 PCs (shared folders) and different media players (via twonky and Raspbmc) - do any of these use NFS?

While I prefer to keep everything up to date, I am very hesitant to update my EX4 now…


Simply check your network settings from EX4’s web dashboard. If your NFS Service under Network Service is Off, which is very likely, you won’t be affected. I don’t think you are using NFS if you don’t have any Unix/Linux machines on your network.

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Probably not or if you are, you don’t need it with a all Windows setup.  One thing I had to do after the update was reboot all my Window computers.  

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I purchased this device a few weeks ago because I was persuaded of this device. When WD will remove this important feature then I’ll  give the device back. I think, this strategy  is causing the death of this device…

So… after a few calls with tech suppport, he was able to confirm the NFS is not coming back “cause it was causing problems”…

I find it very hard to believe that a STANDARD of the unix operating system for the last 25 years can all of a suddon be causing a problem that WD cannot solve… 

I’m going to contacting Sales/Support for an RMA…  to foce someone to have an non support device is not acceptable…

ckc123 wrote:

So… after a few calls with tech suppport, he was able to confirm the NFS is not coming back “cause it was causing problems”…

I call “BS.”   Support folks aren’t likely to have a clue what the developers are or are not doing.

Yeah, I can see that they’d know if it was removed because of issues, but not with finality that “NFS is not coming back.”

All other decent NASs feature NFS with no problems.  It’s just easier for WD to further develop the firmware without having to devote any resources to the NFS feature.  Watch, the next feature to go will be SAMBA so as to further reduce the amount of work that needs to be done on the firmware.  This just shows their lack of commitment to their products since they drop features advertised in their products after they are already on the market.  

Disabling SMB will NEVER happen. There are far too many people using Windows and Macs that rely on it, than those who use Unix/Linux systems relying on NFS. But I agree with Tony Ph12345’s last post…I seriously doubt WD tech support are fully aware of the dev team’s plans. So the tech may have just said it without knowing that with a high degree of certainty…but I also suspect what the tech said may actually be true even if it was just a guess. Which is that NFS is likely not coming back. But that’d be a very poor decision by WD’s dev team and a bad outcome for many EX4 ( and possibly EX2 in near future) customers.