Remote streaming music app for Android

Hi there,
I bought a My Cloud drive to keep my music collection on so that I could stream it to my Android phone when I’m away from home. After a week of searching the only way to stream over the internet (not on my home network) seems to be using the WD MyCloud App, which is very clunky. I can’t seem to find a media player that can stream directly without being on my home network and has a nice UI, search functions etc.

Can anybody help? I’ve tried using BubbleUpnp and a couple of other things but still don’t seem to be able to fix the problem.

Officially, because of the way remote non FTP access works with the My Cloud there most likely won’t be any non WD apps that can access and stream media remotely. The workaround some have resorted to is using the insecure FTP method with an app (some use VLC) that supports accessing and streaming using FTP.

Unofficially one could probably do some modification of the My Cloud firmware to allow for some sort of remote access using apps or methods other than the official WD apps/web portal. Or possibly through WebDAV using the unofficial CloudDAVMod.

Some past discussions on this particular issue.

If you have bought a Gen1, v4 firmware device, you can install BubbleUPnP Server, which provides a local proxy DLNA/UPnP client, but allows remote access to BubbleUPnP clients.

If you have bought the more recent Gen2, v2 firmware device (check the Dashboard home page for firmware version), then this won’t work; thank WD for introducing a new device that has the same name, but is incompatible with previous versions…

Yes, there is an app, but it is not one everyone can use. It is an app specifically for my Asus router that comes in iOS and Android versions. The app is called AiCloud. It enables a mobile device to access the connected home network devices from within home AND remotely when on a different network other than the home one.

Since I rarely use it on my Android (Kindle) tablet remotely, I just again tested it on the (free for Comcast subscribers) xfinitywifi hotspot network throughout my neighborhood. It worked fine; given a strong enough Wi-Fi signal from xfinitywifi.

The router also allows for a hard drive with media files to be attached to it, and the app can access it, as well as every shared device on my network, including the My Cloud NAS, Music, videos and photos can be streamed to the tablets and phones.

This is the only app I have found that can allow my Android tablet to stream from my network remotely. So, the solution is to get an Asus dual-band wireless router, and use the AiCloud app. Asus routers costing a little less than $100 (and upwards) can have this AiCloud feature.

Thanks for the replies, guys. So, it sounds like I’m generally out of luck. I suspected that it might be the case. Looks like I’ll just find other uses for the MyCloud and go back to carrying a separate mp3 player.

Not sure if the OP’s managed to solved his issues since the last post was over a year old.
I too had issues finding ways to stream media remotely until I tried Plex. Installed the Plex server onto the NAS and I could either use Plex web player, standalone player on computer or app for mobile devices. Best solution I could find so far.
Hope this helps anyone.

There is no official support for Plex on the single-bay MyCloud, which is the subject of this forum.

There are threads on unofficially installing Plex on both gen1 and gen2 MyClouds. Or, if you’re going unofficial, and have a gen1, you can install the BubbleUPnP server as above, and stream from that to the BubbleUPnP app.