Access MyCloud Remotely When Off Network

Hello, when I am not connected to my home network, is it possible to access the files on MyCloud? Thanks

Yes. See the My Cloud User Manual ( or the the Learning Center ( to learn about how to configure the single bay/single drive My Cloud for remote access and then how to access the device from a remote location.

Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to stream media stored on the MyCloud remotely on my Android device?

Technically yes if one uses the WD My Cloud mobile app for Android. Sometimes the app may try to download the file before playing, other times it may begin playing the file before it’s fully downloaded.

Note that any time you access the My Cloud remotely you are subject to the limitations on the upload/download speed of both the remote and local broadband connection.

Unofficially the better method for accessing a My Cloud remotely is to setup a VPN server on the same local network as the My Cloud. Once connected using VPN the My Cloud should be accessible remotely just as if your computer was on the same local network as the My Cloud. This includes the ability to use a DLNA client on the remote computer/mobile device to play media from the My Cloud’s embedded DLNA media server or accessing the My Cloud using a file manager program/app on the remote device.

@Bennor Thanks for the reply. I like the VPN idea. Are you aware of any resources on how to do this? Thanks again.

OpenVPN is one popular free VPN server/client software. Some consumer grade routers include the ability to setup a VPN server within the router.

Plenty of instructions on various local network VPN servers can be found using an internet search engine.