See MyCloud from Laptop when away from location

So I have the MyCloud set up at my work studio and often work away from the studio and am fine with accessing the MyCloud NAS via the portal via internet browser but I am wondering if it is possible to access it as if it is on my Network as a device under the network devices view on my laptop?

Officially the ways to access a remote network My Cloud is to use either the web portal or use the My Cloud mobile apps for iOS or Android, or use the insecure FTP option. For the single bay My Cloud units there is no way (currently) to “map” a Share remotely as if you were connected to the local network. WD removed the capability to remotely map a Share many years ago and has refused to add that unpublished feature back.

Unofficially one would have to setup a VPN server on their local network where the My Cloud resides then use a VPN client to access that network. If properly configured that VPN connection should allow the user to access all network devices on the remote network just as if they were connected locally to that network. Some consumer routers (like Asus) offer the option to create a VPN server. Or one can use a free VPN server like OpenVPN ( to setup a VPN server on their local network. Note that setting up a VPN server may require advanced networking/router configuration knowledge.