Mapped network drive away from home

Hello, I am successfully using my WDMyCloud 3TB single bay with mapped network shares pointing at my documents and films etc. These work great at home but I am now away from home and these mapped drives are inaccessible. I’ve had a little search on here but I am still a bit confused. I can see that I need to change some settings but then I get a bit scared when I read that by doing this I am opening it up to the whole internet :frowning: Have I read the wrong threads? I’d just like to know how I go about using my mapped network drives as if I am at home etc and how to do this safely. Many thanks in advance. Craig

Officially you cannot remote map single bay/single drive My Cloud Shares. WD has limited methods of official remote access;, mobile iOS/Android apps, insecure FTP. WD removed the capability to remote map a Share from their portal many years ago.

Unofficially, and not supported by WD, one method of remote access that will let you map a remote Share is to setup a VPN server on the same local network as the My Cloud and then establish a VPN tunnel which will allow your remote computer to access the network as if it was connected locally. One can search the internet for various methods of VPN client/server programs. Certain consumer routers include a VPN Server option that can be enabled. Note that to properly setup and configure a VPN server (client and tunnel) generally involves some extra knowledge and skill.

Log in from a remote phone or computer using the web address:

Sign into your mycloud account and you can access all your files.

The mycloud app has been unreliable for me for the last couple of years.

Thanks for all of your replies. I.m now logging in via the mycloud account. It’s ok for me. Maybe my next upgrade NAS will be able to do this. Thanks again