Bypass MyCloud web interface?

Is there a way to bypass the MyCloud interface when accessing media files? I have uploaded some photos and videos to a public folder and would like to be able to send them and/or stream them without using the MyCloud web app. Anytime I select a video in the web app it just starts downloading, rather than streaming.

Any help?

Are you accessing the My Cloud locally on the local network or from a remote network?

For local network access one can use Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder or any other file manager or DLNA client to access media.

For remote access to the single bay My Cloud one is officially limited to using the web portal, the WD Desktop application for Windows/Mac, the WD app for iOS/Android, or (insecure) FTP.

Remote network. But so far unsuccessful trying to connect natively (which is expected) but I can’t connect to it via web browser or mobile app either.
It says the drive is offline.

You will need to access the My Cloud Dashboard locally and ensure Remote Access is enabled. Sometimes when one’s broadband connection changes IP addresses it will cause the My Cloud to be unreachable remotely. Often just cycling the remote access button in the My Cloud Dashboard Settings will solve the problem.

Hello everyone.
I’m having the same issue with WD Mycloud 1 bay.
My need is to share video with my clients, but it have to be as simple as possible for them (some don’t really have time or knowledge).
The idea was to send a link, they click and they can watch the video directly on web browser.
Could you help me? Can a third party OS be installed? Or do I have to find another hardware solution?
Thanks for your help.
Regards. Simon.

Couple of WD Support videos explaining how to share files. Also read the My Cloud User Manual which explains how to use the features of the My Cloud.

Thanks Bennor for your answer, but I already share files and folders with clients and it worked.
My problem is more related to the way they can see the video files. When they click on the file’s name, the download start. I want them to be able to watch it straight on the same web page, much more like on any video hosting service (Youtube, Dailymotion, etc…).
But thanks anyways.

Generally that’s how the web portal operates. Click on the file and it downloads where the user can play it locally.

One option is for the clients to use the My Cloud mobile app for Android or iOS to access the content. The app should prompt the user to play the video using the mobile device media player. Video should start playing as it is downloaded. Using the mobile app may involve setting up specific user accounts and generating user codes (both via the My Cloud Dashboard > Cloud Access section). It may also involve setting up user permissions for that user to prevent them from accessing other media/data on the My Cloud device.