Streaming to remote laptop using Windows 10

I have a My Cloud attached to my network at home and it works great. I have an additional WD drive attached to it to add more storage.
Everything on my home network is working fine…
When I am away from home I can login to My Cloud using WD’s web site. I can see all my files, music, videos, pictures, etc.
I when I try to “play” a song, video etc my only option is the DOWNLOAD the files and not Stream the content.
I have tried several different browsers and media players to no avail. It all stems from the browser not giving me a Play option.

What am I missing?

Are you using the WD My Cloud Desktop for windows program to access the My Cloud remotely from your Windows computer? If not, download and install the WD My Cloud Desktop for Windows from this link:

You will also need a media player installed to your computer. VLC is a popular program (its what I use on my Windows PC’s). VLC can be downloaded from this link:

You should be able to stream video by opening up the My Cloud Desktop program and accessing the media file location on the remote My Cloud. Double click on the media file and the media player should launch and attempt to stream the media file.

I have no problems streaming MP4 files remotely using the My Cloud Desktop (on a Windows 7 PC) along with VLC.

Note: Keep in mind however that being able to stream will depend on the broadband upload speed from the location where the My Cloud is being used.