Streaming vids on PC (not in my home)

My daughter living in a different city want to stream (not download) my movies strored in WdMyCloud using her PC running Windows 10 (she can stream using her iPad).

She tried VLC and WMP but we don’t know how to reach my NAS and stream movies.
She also tried “” in Firefox, Chrome and IE; she can see all the file, but, again, she can DL the files but not stream them.

-I’ve a public Static IP
-The http, https and Ftp ports are perfectly forwarder
-FTP service on the Nas is switched on
-Everything within my lan works well

Tnx in advance for help


Has your daughter tried using the WD My Cloud Desktop software? I have no problems playing/streaming video/movies remotely using the WD My Cloud Desktop software. The WD My Cloud Desktop program may attempt to use what ever program is configured to play media files on your local computer. In my case I use VLC on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

WD My Cloud Desktop for Windows
WD My Cloud Desktop for Mac
VideoLan (VLC)

One word of note. The broadband upload speed can and will potentially play a factor when trying to stream movies/media from a remote location. One may not be able to stream properly from the My Cloud to a remote location if the broadband upload speed is very low.

Does the MyCloud Desktop App not let you access your device in a similar way to the MyCloud App on the iPad (I asume that’s what she’s using to access on the iPad)?

Dumb me!
It was very simple to solve her problem, she hasnt mycloud desktop app.
But she’s to use KMyPlayer as a client; VLC isnt smooth enough playing .mkv files.

My upload broadband is 10Mb/sec

Sorry for waste your time, and tnx again.