Making my MyCloudMirror 6TB a MediaServer

Hello everybody,

I’m completely new in the world of CloudComputing or working with a NAS or MediaServer so please don’t get mad at me at once :wink:

I have a very specific question and hope anyone has an answer for me: Yesterday I bought my brand new WD MyCloudMirror 6TB and set it up to work as a MediaServer, at least I thought so…

The thing I was wondering is: Is there a way to make my device stream movies oder other media files via the internet to my mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro) even when I am not in my home network?

With the help of the manual I made all the settings for the box, but when I try to access my Cloud I am just able to download the files, but not to watch it online…

I hope I made myself clear and someone has a clue how to handle my wish :slight_smile:

Thanks to all of you at first and greetings from Germany :wink:


I can tell you that for watching from a mobile iOS device, you can purchase an app called VLC Player from App Store and use that to connect via the network to stream movies/music, etc. Now, how good this experience will be depends on several factors - the Net connection speed both of your home network and that of your mobile device, how huge the movie file is (compressed and smaller movie files gives you smoother streaming experience but you also lose a little picture quality as a tradeoff).

The way you can connect to the NAS server to stream and view files is by FTP from the VLC Player app - but there’s a big caveat…as of right now, the FTP functionality is broken on several My Cloud products (EX2 & Mirror)…but there is a manual workaround if you are willing to make a minor change to a config file via SSH. Otherwise, you cannot ftp from outside. You can also stream using the VLC player UPnP within your home network .

I don’t know if VLC player app exists for Android or Mac OS. They might (I know you only mentioned iOS and Mac OS devices but I’m also mentioning Android for others reading this with similar question in mind) - but you’ll have to look that up yourself.

Also, for FTP access, be aware you’ll have to setup port forwarding for port 21 on your router to the Mirror. It is a simple and straighforward process but the exact steps depend on your specific router that the NAS is attached to. Google how to do port forwarding for your router.

Just to fill in the gap - yes VLC does exist for Android, although there are several other options (MX Player and Avia spring to mind offhand). And any of those coupled with the WD2Go app allow streaming straight out of the box without anything needing to be modified on the MyCloud Mirror at all (and without the DLNA stuff being enabled).

I seem to recall hearing about more general problems with iOS and streaming via Samba for other devices, so it could be a wider issue that’s not directly related to the WD product itself. It may be one to also check on via Google and/or more specific Apple fora.