Stream music on phone (newbie)

I have newbie question and have navigated the forums extensively but can’t find an answer I can fully understand…

I simply would like to stream my music stored on wdmycloud mirror to my android phone in a simple way. I have used the wd my cloud app but it seems its capabilities are rather limited in terms of file formats etc.

Apparently, something like twonky and/or bubbleupnp are a good solution. Hence my questions…

  1. is the combo twonky / bubbleupnp a good solution? if not, what would you suggest?
  2. then what app to use on an android phone to access this?

many thanks in advance

The formats you can play are determined by your phone, not the app; e.g. if your phone can only play 5 formats and you want to play a 6th that your phone can’t play, you are stuck (unless you can find an add-on app to play it.).

For Android devices, Bubble/UPnP or Avia are two free apps I recommend.

ok thanks. actually my question was more on the setup of bubbleupnp and/or twonky in layman terms.

Twonky ia likely installed/set up on your MyCloud, be sure DNLA streaming is on in the Dashboard. Check your MCM user manual for details.

I use the twonky-server on my MCM and either “Ginkgo DLNA” as client app in my Android phone or “Fritz!Media” (german app from AVM) on my Android tablet because Ginkgo doesn’t work there.