Trouble remote streaming from mycloud in vlc

i can access mycloud remotely on another network, and open pictures but, then i try to stream a mkv file in vlc player it comes with a fault message saying "vlc can’t open mrl.

any experts here that can help?

best regards

You can’t do that.   Unless you have specifically forwarded DLNA ports on your router’s configuration, you can’t stream from the My Cloud using any other app other than the WD My Cloud app.

Also, I don’t ever recommend remote streaming via DLNA because it’s increadibly insecure.

streaming is not the correct word. but then i open mkv files in vlc it opens right away. while if it is an iso file it has to download the whole file before playing it. 

it has worked before on the laptop useing the mycloud app. and i can also go in to the folder and se det files. but vlc comes with the mrl fault then i tries to open it.