How to play music on phone from My Cloud

I know I can log into my drive via the My Cloud app and then select 1 song tract. I want to use a phone app that can access the music and play a play list. Does anyone have a solution?

Have you searched for an m3u player, one that is compatible with your phone?

What phone OS? Android or iOS? Do you want to be able to play music remotely or on the local network? As Cat0w indicated have you searched for a Play list/M3U player for your phone?

There are plenty of apps out there for IOS and android that will access a UPnP device and play music found on there , most include an option to create / play from a playlist, it’s just a matter of trying them to find one that suits you.

Thanks, sorry I didn’t say I have a Galaxy S4 (Android). I am not too familiar with UPnP so I didn’t do a search. The players I had found wanted a server. However do to your suggestions I found Air Wire which looks good but hangs as I want to play a playlist. And I found MediaHouse UPnP Browser but can’t figure out how to make a playlist. Both found the MyCloud drive without an issue.

Again, thanks. I’ll keep trying.

For Android, local to your network, I’d recommend BubbleUPnP. I tried most players, including the two you mention.

Put it this way; I actually paid the £3 or so for a licence (which seems to cover every android device I own). And I think I’ve only ever paid for about three apps across iPad and android devices.

If you have a gen1/v4 MyCloud, you can install a proxy server, allowing you to access your media remotely (provided you have bandwidth). Nazar78 has built this proxy server, and you can install it from his website; there’s a thread here somewhere.

Hello, that’s very easy with Evermusic. Just enable DLNA Media server in your WD My Cloud and connect it in Evermusic.

If you have WD My Cloud Home you can connect it directly as described here:

I am using Flacbox/Evermusic on iOS.
Now I was also given an Android phone from work (:roll_eyes:) where these apps don’t work on.
Has anyone a suggestion for an android Music app for MCH. Thank you.

For local media streaming from a single bay/single drive My Cloud device with the Twonky media server enabled (and Media Serving enabled on the media Share) one can use DLNA clients such as Bubble UPnP on Android devices.