Accessing music remotely?!

I bought this NAS in the belief it would enable me, alongside backing up all my important files, to provide me with a means to access my music files remotely when at work.  I am able to play music files on my mobile device (though seem to be stuck only being able to do so using the built-in music player rather than one of my choice?!?) but seem to only be able to have extremely limited access to my files remotely through the god awful My Cloud desktop app.  Again it provides an option to play music but within WD own software rather than through my music player of choce!  Is there anyway to get round this or any options that can be turned on that I have missed? 

 If, as I fear, there is no alternative I have created an idea on the suggestions page asking to add ability to open files remotely in explorer.

Edit: Managed to find a work around for when accessing files on PC - please see - however, still trying to figure workaround for on my phone.

Welcome to the Community.

At this moment, if you are using an iOS device then WD My Cloud will use the default player. However, Android devices allow you to select how to open files.

Cheers.  Turns out its my android app that is at fault - while it is my default audio app it doesn’t allow ‘audio streaming’ as a file association.  Since I then technically don’t have any audio streaming apps it must be faulting to the internal my cloud player.  

Just installed another music app and while I can now set it as default audio streaming app I still have to long press to open it with chosen player and can’t queue files.  I assume that what the playlist function is for, however, for some weird reason while I was able to access it earlier now when I try and display only my music files it says “No music found” despite being pointed at a directory with 100Gb of music.