Can't play/stream audio files... ANDROID

Hi there

I bought this so I could access all my locally stored music files remotely primarily.

The My Cloud app on my Galaxy note 9 (Android) does not allow me to play the files.

It says “File type not supported” and gives me an option to “Open in…”. Unfortunately the “Open in…” option does not seem to be like the “Open With” option on windows where you can select an app/program to run the file with.

This “Open With…” option only allows you to share the file across communication apps (Whatsapp, email, messenger, etc).

Any idea how to rectify this? or can it, or do I need to take it back for a refund?

Thanks in advance

@jsgordon79 Have you visited the Learning Center and checked out the information, downloads, and software that is available?

Maybe this will help you, it comes from the Knowledge Base.

You need to take it back for a refund! Just do it!

Well I have been messing around with PLEX all morning and I can’t get that working but TBF I’m not happy having to install 3 apps just to listen to the music (even if it was up and running).

This is supposed to be a simple NAS for home and remotely but it’s getting so complex, think I’m just going to run it back today.

Any ideas on a better solution? product?