Acessing locally using android phone?


I’m not the most technical so I like to try and play it safe.

For a while now I’ve had cloud access turned off since it felt safer. I also figured there would be much better security on OS5 so I updated to it. However, since updating I can’t access my music files from my android phone anymore. Under the old version, if I was on the same wifi network it would still let me get to them in the app but now it seems I have to turn on cloud access to access them in the new version of the app. Local isn’t enough anymore.

Surely this is a step backward for security? Maybe I’m missing something. Like I said, I’m not the most technical.

I mostly used the access for playing music around the house. I don’t want to have to install Plex or some other big thing like that for that. I simply want to click on my phone and hit file and have the music play. Simple.

Is there a way to do this without turning on cloud access?

Thank you.


There is a feature difference between My Cloud OS 3 and My Cloud OS 5, Browse music-only feature is not available with My Cloud Os 5 firmware version.

Please refer to the link below for more information: My Cloud OS 5: Feature Differences Between My Cloud OS 3 and My Cloud OS 5

Thanks but I suspect I have explained it badly. I wasn’t even aware there was a browse music only feature. I would simply log into the app on my local network and go down the folder structure to where all my music is kept then click on the track. The same way I would access any file, not only music. Although it was almost always music I was accessing from my phone.

Actually, that feature list says ‘Playback music’ is still an option so perhaps it is possible some way? In order to play the music back you have to be able to reach it.