iPhone app that sees WD NAS music library

Could use some help with this.

This is what I want to do when away from home, that is, remotely

Have some iPhone music app that can see my WD My Cloud NAS music library —> then via bluetooth — play songs on a Bose bluetooth speaker. Is this possible?

I can already easily do this remotely with the ‘Musc’ app (is this a slimmed down version of iTunes?) on my iPhone, but I can’t get it to see my WD My Cloud NAS music library. It only finds songs that I have downloaded via the iTunes store.

I can also do this using AmazonMusic on my iPhone. But it only sees an Amazon library. They both don’t see anything but their own stuff.

I can log onto my WD My Cloud NAS and use the crappy WD music app, but it is so clunky.

There’s gotta be a way that some iPhone music app can be pointed to see my WD My Cloud music library and allow me remotely play tunes from it.


You need to use the iOS My Cloud HOME app.
Also, refer to the complete user manual for your Home to learn more, such as how to turn on Remote Access.

Thank you for your reply.

I am using that. Is that all there is? It is rather clunky and un-reliable. I can listen to a song or two then it dies. That’s why I am looking for some other method.

For example, it just stops working with errors like, ‘Unable to play this media file.’

And just it lists songs like by artist like a file manager. Can’t select by genre, etc. But in actuality I can live with that.

The thing that drives me crazy is that it is NOT robust. Is it possible that its UN-robustness is caused by my upload speed from the NAS is too low?

Or some other NAS setting?

Yes, that is all there is from WD. The MY Cloud app is not my favorite for music (too basic), but it works great remotely through my cell data, and not too ma not too many do this. You do have Plex built into your Home so try that remotely., but it does need proper set up

It sounds like you are trying this on your home network. Streaming speeds are important. Slow or stopping streaming is caused by a few factors such as low bandwidth, router issues, location in home of devices. Wireless band used (2.4 or 5G affects things,too. Improve these issues. The MC app is not your problem; its performance is a reflection of other problems.

Thanks. I am using it remotely. For example, out having a beer and I want to play a song. That’s where it initially works, but then hangs up after a short while.

My carrier is Virgin Mobile with an iPhone 6s. Virgin Mobile is using the Sprint network. I would imagine throughput is a subset of whatever Sprint has.

Other than changing carriers do you happen to know of optimal setting for the WD NAS and router for robust remote streaming?. I have a WD My Net N750 HD Dual-Band Router

How good is your phone wireless signal from carrier when the remote problem begins? Does it show many bars or hardly any? Stay away from poor reception areas; look for stronger cell reception.

Your home router is adequate, again be closer to router if signal is weak in spots. Google for tips on router setup.

Thanks for your help.

I’ll check into it.

i can recommend you Evermusic. this app has everything you need, you can read more here: