iPhone music player

Is it possible for the Music player on iPads and iPhones to access the ITunes library?
I want to use the features provided in Music, but want the music to be stored on MyCloud.

Thank You

This is a limitation of iTunes, Apple will not let WD be able to access an iTunes music library over the internet. The MyCloud mobile app will allow you to access the music as individual files but there is no access to the iTunes playlists. Also, if your music was purchased through iTunes, the DRM or Digital Rights Management that Apple puts on it’s purchased items will not allow you to play the music through the app.

I have a large music digital library,and only a few tracks or albums were downloaded via iTunes, nevertheless all my music has been catalogued in it for over ten years. and my music is from my own library of CDs or legit downloads from another service for years.

my music is stored on the My Cloud or in the iTunes program on PC.

My Cloud app is fine for remote listening, but featureless. I finally found THE music app I have been wanting for great features, but it does not work for remote use. It can play from my iTunes playlists, and is easy to make new ones with this app. The app is at iTunes Store and is called Music streamer made by Stratispherix. Not free, nothing really good is, but the cost is only four dollars and worth it! Go to stratospherix website for more info.


Thank you for your response. Are there plans for enhancing the MyCloud mobile app to include some additional features that would make it more robust? I understand the purchased music is a different issue.
I would like to see something equivalent to playlists as well as some categorization features.

Thank You


Thank you for the input. I am looking for remote listening so I would prefer
to not throw another app into the mix. I am hoping that WD will enhance
the MyCloud app with some additional features.

Don, like you I am careful as to the number of apps I add to my phone and ipad. I found that Music Streamer is very essential to my enjoyment and convenience of enjoying my music library. I also can send music from app to any BT device or Chromecast device such as Alexa Echo or Google Home /Chromecast device.

Don’t hold your breath that WD will add features to My Cloud app; they haven’t done much at all to embellish the app for many years.

My Asus router has an app that allows for accessing my network devices remotely, although that feature on iOS devices quit working a few years ago, even though it still works for my android Kindle Fire tablets. Again, manufacturers do not improve their apps beyond a certain point. It is up to individual app creators to come up with the great apps.

The app is being updated with new features and upgrades as needed. We just released an update so that it is compatible with the new API used by Dropbox. I can’t say what features are being tested now but I’m sure they are working on ways to make the audio experience more enjoyable.

i am not holding my for new features. I have used My Cloud app since the MPW came out, and not much of any substance has been added as features to app, sorry to say…

Thank for your writting. If you want to edit music on your iphone. Use RingTone Cutter as a handy tool for your phone

I don’t like cutting ringtones. I usually download iphone phone ringtones with M4R format.