Stream music from mycloud similar to google music

Hello. I use google play music at the moment to stream my collection of mp3 and m4a music files. What I want is to be able to access my wd cloud remotely using my android phone. I can play my videos using vlc but can’t find any way or app to stream my music files. Mp3s play in the wd cloud software but not m4a. I thought I could just map my wd mycloud nas to my phone and stream the files using something like poweramp. Is this possible? Been trying to use the demo of bubbleunpn but can’t seem to get it to connect remotely only over LAN. Thanks for any help.

Bubleupnp works but you need a computer i don’t like it.

I prefer steam over ftp direct access.

I enabled ftp on my cloud and i use a ftp client with stream options like iftpclientplayer on android device.

You can also use an openvpn if your router has this option and fight with android to enable openvpn using tap conection this enable direct stream from twonky on mycloud to remote device and option to open dashboard remotely.

There is another free option:

AntTek FTP/FTPs/SFTP Client

AntTek FTP/FTPs/SFTP Client is a plugin for AntTek File Explorer
- Easy to configure
- Seamlessly browse FTP/FTPs/STFP protocols
- Streaming music, video from remote server
- View image, document (pdf, doc) inline
- Fully support "drag & drop anywhere" feature
- No icon on your launcher.
- Wifi or mobile internet
- Must install AntTek File Explorer to use this plugin.
AntTek File Explorer is a free Drag & Drop anywhere file explorer with custom panel layout

Thanks for the reply. Can I only view the FTP files like windows explorer style or is there a way to integrate it into a nice media player on the phone so I can see all my albums and do playlists and stuff?

Sure there are options on android for phones is only a matter of “dig”.

For android tablets i tested a full and free media center: xbmc.


Maybe the best media center in android.

It works simply adding shares folders selecting ftp as souces and adding “sub-folders” (shares) as source.

This is a perfect option for tablets but for phones the dialogs are pretty small.

P.S.: XBMC for android is not in the google play store you must download it from developers web page and install the .apk with a file manager app in your device.

XBMC  with a skin for touch looks like this on my nexus 7 (2012):