Remote access

Sorry my first post is a problem, just registered as I am so frustrated and can’t find a solution to my problem.

I have a wd live and wd cloud at home and a wd cloud at work. Set them all up for remote access and never had any problems,
A few months ago had an email from wd stating problem with remote access and would be resolved. Then followed instructions after problem was solved and restarted all devices. Remote access worked a couple of times, then went off, restarted again worked for a while then went off again. I am so fed up with it now, especially one at work as our manager works from home and the reason for having the drive was so we could share files and keep them up to date. It’s impossible now and we have given up, my two at home are just as bad and I really wish I hadn’t bought a second one now, and really wish I hadn’t bought the one for work as every time it won’t access I get the problem to sort it out,
I really need to find a solution to this, or rip the drives out and put them in another nas as remote access is very important for me both at home and work, and when I am away from home and can’t get my files I can’t restart it till I get home so it kind of defeats the object of having it,
Can anyone offer a solution to this problem or have I got to change brand to get what I need.

First of all, remote access require the WD service to be up and running, unless you set up your Clouds for direct FTP access. The WD Service has had some up and downs recently.

Second, make sure you have a fixed IP address set up for your NAS. It is better to set this up from your router. Pick an IP address that is not in the DCHP ip range of your router. Reboot your NAS and make sure it has picked up the fixed IP address. If you have changed the IP address, delete the devices under remote access for each user, then in each app active the NAS by requesting a new access code.

thanks for this info, have tried fixed ip and still no luck, also now finding after months of the safepoints working ok, that is not working anymore. I have set safepoints to backup and update daily, works for a few days than stops working. Then when I log into the drive find I have no safepoints so have to enter a new one and redo the whole backup again, I am really regretting buying these drives now as they are useless, I cant rely on them for my needs.

Does anyone please have a solution to the safepoints problem.