Remote Access - Unstable

Please… Need some help…

I’m having some problems with remote access to My Cloud 4tb. I saw some posts showing how to apply static IP and change ports to solve this issue.

I tried all of them but i couldn’t make my connection stable. 

When I try to access using I can see my device but when I click on it, doesn’t work. Then I access my router remotely and restart. After the restart process, i can access my My Cloud for 2 minutes and after that, I can’t anymore.

Always the same. After router restarts I can access for 2 minutes and the connection goes down and i can’t anymore.

did you have the same issues with the default automatic settings? If not please go back and try this. I do recommend a static IP but it is easy to introduce issues too

If it was the same with automatic settings it sounds like a router issue, please post the exact router model and someone may be able to help with it.