Issue with WD My Cloud Remote Connection


I have WD My Cloud 2TB and it works well for now, but i have little issue. This device of course is attached on my Linksys Router EA6400 and i’ve enabled Port Forwarding for WD to establish direct connection, not Relay. Here’s a screenshot:

The WD My Cloud is set at Manual with those ports from the screenshot, direct connection established of course.

But after a while, i’m not able to access the WD My Cloud remotely, from, i get message that the device is not reachable. However, because my router have remote access, i’m connecting to my router without problem, which means i have internet connection, and in device list it shows the WD Cloud is connected. I have dynamic IP from the ISP.

I’ve noticed that this strange problem occurs when i transfer new files to the Cloud, mostly big movies, but i’m not really sure.

If i reboot the Cloud it will work again, but that’s not the point.

Anyone with fix?

Just to clarify: you set “enabled” to true ?

Sorry, i pasted the wrong image. It’s enabled of course. I’ve edited the first post.

If the connection seems lost on wd2go are you able to get to the dashboard with direct http://yourexternalip?

No, i’m not able, it says Connecting… if i reset the Cloud, i’ll be able to connect. The cloud is getting stuck after some time, something causing this, but i’m not sure what. I’ve noticied several times after i transfer big files, it gets stuck but again, i’m not sure.

At this moment is a local connection to the dashboard possible?

Of course, local connection is possible.

Just to clarify my view: you always try to access the dashboard through the mycloud (wd2go) website?

I access wd2go website when i’m away from home, or when i want to share something with someone.