Remote connection not working

After working reliably for months, today remote connection stopped working. I can’t see My cloud from outside network. The dashboard says remote access is ON, but there’s no internet connection - which is untrue and nothing in the network access configuration has been changed.

I believe the problem is related to DNS and wd2go servers because traceroute to and returns a lot of unresolved IPs.

How do I get my Remote connection back on?

If you haven’t done so already, turn off remote access in the My Cloud Dashboard. Wait a couple of minutes. Then turn remote access back on.

Another thing to try is select the Configure link next to Remote Access and set a Manual Port Number other than default (for example 8080 and 4443). Then setup port forwarding within your network router to route those two ports to the My Cloud IP address.

Also it helps to configure the My Cloud for a static IP by reserving the My Cloud IP address in the network router. This allows the My Cloud to obtain the same IP address every time it is turned on/rebooted.