Remote access via and mobile app no longer working

not sure exactly what happened to my connection … i was able to access my WD My Cloud from wd2go and the mobile app up until about 1 week ago. Since then I cannot access my device from the app or via the web login.

I checked my network settings and cloud access in the dashboard - it is on and showing that remote access is working.

anyone have some tips or ideas on what could be the problem ? i had not changed anything in the dashboard and had not updated the firmware, so I don’t really know why it suddenly stopped. almost got me worried because I was away on vacation and thought the drive might have failed, but it’s been working fine and performing safepoint backups daily as I was away.

What version of Firmware are you running?

not sure not at home now …
it is the firmware version just prior to 04.04.02-105.
i skipped 02-105 because i did not want to have problems with my safepoint backups

There are several things that could cause the problem. First step is the ensure both the My Cloud and the “app” are up to date to their latest versions. Second, sometimes simply turning off Remote Access within the Dashboard, waiting five to ten minutes, then re-enabling it and waiting a few minutes for the Dashboard to indicate a connection is all that is needed. Third, if one has configured My Cloud for a DHCP and has configured the router for port forwarding for Remote Access, ensure the port forwarding is still forwarding to the correct IP Address. It is often recommended one configure the My Cloud for a static IP address within the router to avoid the IP address of the My Cloud changing.

app is latest version, but i will not update the firmware until the next release since i have concerns about safepoint backup stability.

i will try toggling the remote access to see if it fixes this

i have the IP set to static.

toggling the remote access switch in the general dashboard did the trick …

thanks so much for that !

it seems … this is a chronic problem with these nas drives or is it a server side issue ?

im having to do this again. problem that im not home and cannot access the drive’s contents until i get home and toggle cloud access switch.

Is your remote connection made by port forwarding, or by relay mode?

I found that, in port forwarding mode, whenever my modem/router resets and is assigned a new global IP address by my ISP, the MyCloud mobile app loses connection, and I have to toggle the remote connection enable.

Leaving in relay mode, it seems the system is able to cope with the change in IP address.

it’s configured in manual with relay connection … so that might not be it. as i’ve found before, toggling the switch works.

it’s just that i shouldn’t have to do that often.