Remote Access Disable/ Unable to Connect

Ok, I can’t find a solution to my problem anywhere so hopefully someone here can help me out. I have my WD My Cloud hooked up to 2 other external hard drives, a WD Passport and  WD My Book. Obviously I really like this brand cause I’ve had nothing but good things. ANYWAYS!

When I am at home on my wifi I can access all shares from my laptop and iPhone. However, when I go onto my 4G like if I’m at school or work, my iphone reads that Cloud Access is disabled. Then on my cloud’s setting I see that Cloud Access isn’t connecting somehow. 

I’ve tweaked all kinds of settings to try and fix this. I just want to have access to my data remotely -_-

Having the exact same issue.  It was working for a few weeks with port forwarding but this weekend it just says cannot establish remote connection.  Nothing has been changed on the router or port mappings and I’ve tried rebooting / restoring mycloud.  Something happening on WD’s end?

i am have the same thing going on here is anyone else too?

i am have the same thing going on here is anyone else too???

Guys… look at all the other recent threads. WD servers are broken. They have been for days, everyone is having the same problem and only WD can fix it.

but other people have it working too