Remote Access

I can’t access my drive when i’m not at home. I had remote access turn on but still can’t get the access to my WD drive. Any solution please help. Thanks

has this ever worked?

please detail the steps you used to set this up

I am having the same problem as Bunsom. I had no problem accessing my cloud drive at home, when I tried to access it on the road I was able to log in and  find the drive on the wd2go and it loaded all my folders, but when I clicked on a folder I got a message: “network name cannot be found”.  Before I left home, I had tried to assign a static address, but that caused me not to be able to access my drive at all. I am at a loss.  I bought the darn thing to be able to access my files on the road and thought it was a better (and safer) option to “renting” cloud space from an external company.  It is all very frustrating! 

I sincerely hope someone will know how we can resolve these issues!