Remote Access Speed, is 2mbps normal?

I’ve got my EX2 Ultra setup and it works really well in my workshop with reasonable speeds within the local network, but had a go at remote access and could only get speeds of around 2mbps (internet connections at work and home average 60mbps down and 20mbps up).
What I’m wondering is, if this is a limitation of the product or if I’m doing something wrong.

I read a WD guide that said going MyCloud > router > router > computer is not recommended, but surely for remote access you need two routers in the chain? forgive me I’m not really a computer person. Will putting an ethernet switch between the MycCloud and the router improve this?

It’s not really a problem if I can’t get the speed up, I bought it for the workshop so I’m not constantly messing around with usb sticks going between computers, but it would be nice if I could get reasonable speeds remotely



You could refer to the following link:

Thanks, yeh that’s the guide I’d already read. My issue isn’t the speed between the computer and the MyCloud in my local network, it is the speed when accessing remotely via an internet connection. The guide says what you shouldn’t do, it doesn’t really tell you how you should connect everything, as the two recommended methods only apply to use on the local network. To access remotely you need two modems in the chain, but there is no information as to how things should be arranged in that situation.