My Ex2 ultra cloud is very slow over internet

Hi guys. I just got my new ex2 ultra cloud and i am very excited about it. I connected it to my gigabit home network and i was able to successfully map the drive and transfer locally with high speeds (around 25 to 30 MB/sec) which is ok for me. My problem is with the remote access through the internet(my internet has a 250 mbps download speed and 170 mbps upload speed); i am not able to neither upload or download at high speeds which is frustrating. When i am downloading a movie from my ex2 ultra cloud account on, which is the website i use to access remotely, my download rate from this account is not exceeding 300 kb/s at its best! My download rate is even sometimes stabilized at 64 kb/s and i am not able to improve it at all.
Appreciate if someone can help me in finding the solution for this. i have family members in USA, europe and the middle east and we were planning to use this cloud to share files with each other. With these speed rates it will be difficult to do so and i hope someone can guide me to a solution.

Thanks in advance for your kind help

@asadek Posting in the sub-forum for your device will probably get a faster response from someone that can help and owns the same device. See example image below. It should help you find your correct sub-forum.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Thanks i will do that