MyCloud 3TB Unit Remote Access Speed Issue

I installed one of these units in my office about two weeks ago. Everything works except … access speed from “outside” is impossibly slow: 1. Through a WiFi connection to the Internet from my home (about 500 m) from my office, transfer speed are about 3 to 4Kbyte/sec! By the way, the routers at both ends are TP-Link TL-WR941ND units, both brand-new. 2. At a client location using direct wired connection to the ISP (in same building), under 100 bytes/sec! Does anyone have any idea how to correct this?


Take a look at this guide. Hope it helps.

Thanks. I’ll summarize the outcome early next week.

I carried out the suggested procedure: 1. Put the MyCloud unit on a fixed IP address 2. Acquire Internet connectivity, and confirm by sending test emails to several remote locations (Port forwarding connection established) 3. Also, configured router for port forwarding for HTTP/HTTPS as recommended in the general help, using ports other than the default 80/443 respectively. When logging in via a browser I see my configured HTTPS port in the address line as … / … so that’s OK. Outcome: 1. Transfer speed across a local WiFi connection is up to 20-30 Kbyte/sec. Not good, but an improvement. 2. Transfer speeds from “outside” remain low, of the order of 5K byte/sec Question: I am obviously missing something. What might it be?

Further to my previous entry: Running a 5Gb remote transfer of a complete directory tree containing a mix of PDF, docx, mp3 and WAV files, the transfer speed has drifted up to 28Kbytes/sec … 37 Kbytes/sec. I really do not understand what is going on here!

What is your ISP bandwidth? Checkout within the same sunbet as your wdmycloud. 

It could be router or ISP limiting/throttling the transfers. I’m getting around 30MB/s from wdmycloud remotely. This depends on the bandwidth and network setups both ends.

Below is my speedtest from a proxy running on wdmycloud. 

You are correct - it is a bandwidth issue.