Remote access disabled


My MyCloud drive has suddenly started showing a ‘remote access disabled’ message from the myCloud app, and doesn’t work.

I restarted the drive, drive shows a white light, not blue - being honest I cannot remember the drive status from the lights. Anyway - the drive seems to work ok for a few hours then suddenly the same thing again - no access.

You can’t login via a computer ( i.e. as a drive ) or a tablet / phone. The MyCloud app gives the same message ‘remote access disabled’. Nor is there access via the remote login page http://wdmycloud.local/UI/, unless you restart the drive all the time.

The drive was working perfectly happy before this for well over a year. Not a grumble from it. The drive is always updated via the autoupdate feature, so has the latest firmware.

I have upgraded to OSX Sierra ( about a month ago ) which I know does not support Time Machine any more, but at least with access as a drive it was usable as a media drive.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks

Hi, I would try resetting the drive by pressing the reset button in the back, maybe the latest firmware update didn’t cleared the old version correctly and this tend to solve the issues that might rise from a firmware update.

Also look at your router and network cables. A router reset may sort out any weird networking problems. You may just need to jiggle the connectors, as they may have developed an intermittent contact, depending on your local environmental conditions (humidity, dust, etc).