Relatively new 2 TB MYCLOUD connection problem

I dont know if anyone can help me, but I have a relatively new (<30 days) 2 TB MyCloud. today, I wanted to see how it was doing backing up my pc, and could not find it on the network. When I physically took a look at the device, I noticed that the blue LED was blinking on and off VERY fast. I did some research. This is not the on -off once a second indication of the drive going to sleep. This a very fast blinking… perhaps 4 times a second…Does anyone have a fix for this?


Have you tried setting a static IP?

On the Gen2 MyClouds, a blinking blue light could mean ‘powering up’ or ‘initialising’ (loading the OS, upgrading firmware). The user manual doesn’t specify the blink rate for these states.

I would probably try to find the IP address allocated to the MyCloud by your router, and then try to log in to the Dashboard using this IP address. (Whilst you’re in the router’s UI, try to set the IP address allocation to either infinite timeout DHCP, or static).

If you can log in, you may be able to find out what it’s doing; check the various status indicators, and alert notifications (the bell at the top of the Dashboard).

If you can’t log in, then the device is probably in some obscure state, so I’d try escalating resets; 4-second reset with power applied first, then 40-second reset whilst applying power.

ps. do you have a USB drive plugged in to the MyCloud?