Red light on G Raid Thunderbolt chassis

The Red light came on (solid-ish) and the disc unmounted. I did nothing to prompt. ID on device: Chassis SN: DC01603000480 It has 2 drives, 4 TB each. Help? Crisis :slight_smile:

Red light signifies an issue with the RAID in most cases. Open the front cover and see if one of the drives has a red light. If the unit is in RAID0 mode like it was out of the box and a drive fails then the unit will unmount and no longer be usable.

If the device was changed to RAID1 mirror and a drive fails the other working drive takes over and continues to stay mounted so you can access your data.

Thank you. I assume the worst. When I open the front cover, both drives have a red light, as well as the light on the cover.

Interestingly, the fan doesn’t come on either. Is that a classic symptom of this unit?

I guess I should assume it was set up as RAID0. No one seems to know. All super distressing.

Thanks so much for the intel’!