G-Raid with Thunderbolt 8TB - red flickering light

From one second to the other my g-raid doesn’t boot or mount. As soon as I put the power on the front light of the unit flickers red. This looks like a hardware failure and not a HD issue. What do you think?

Is there a way to access the data on the drives outside of the unit? Can I simoly put one of the two raid 1 drives in any external drive housing and connect it to my Mac?

Thanks for your help!


If the unit is a Thunderbolt only unit and has NO USB connection on it than it can be removed from the enclosure and try the drive separately as long as you made it RAID1.

If it has a USB port on the device as well then it is a hardware RAID device and it will require the enclosure for rebuilding but if it is RAID1 it should still be mounting even if one drive has failed.

Dear Rydia,

thank you for your reply. The device has a USB Port as well. So is the only way to get access to the data by getting a new enclosure? There is no other way of mounting the file system?

It seems very unlikely.that both disks failed at the same time, doesn’t it? So it very much looks like a failure of the enclosure/controller. What do you think? The red light flickers as soon as I put the power on and the disks don’t spin up.

Again, thank you for the support


With that unit it is a hardware RAID. It will only work in another of the same type of enclosure if it was indeed a chassis issue.

Under warranty we can replace the chassis. You can create an RMA for just the chassis on our website RMA creation

If you do this RMA make sure you send only the empty enclosure, no accessories or any drives.

Thank you for explaining this. Can you please confirm that I can take the disks from my hopefully faulty 0G04479 and put them in a new 0G04086. If the disks are okay this should work out of the box, right?

Yes those two will be interchangeable. They use the same hardware controller, just have different capacities.