Red Light on bottom drive, can't boot other drive

Hi all,

I searched the forum for answers but doesn’t seem like my particular problem has been discussed. So my G-Raid (used in RAID 1 mode, so mirrored single drives) does not boot anymore, and shows a solid red light when it’s connected to my computer (rather new iMac, thunderbolt connection). The light is white when not connected, but as soon as I connect the cable, it turns red.

I opened the drive and saw that only the bottom drive has a red light. Thinking the drive just stopped working, I ordered a new one and popped it in only to see the same problem.

So I read that this error might have to do with the mirrored RAID 1 configuration and it would be best to re-configurate. But I don’t have a way to get my files off of the drive before that, as it does not mount.

Maybe I’m missing something super-obvious? Very grateful for tips or hints.
Thank you,

Hi there, I was under the impression that customer service is active in these forums, but it doesn’t seem like it after all?