Red Light EX2 Nothing working

I have a red light on drive 2 on MyCloud ex2 Ultra, I cannot get it to reset with the 4s or 40s option. This started after rebooting my router. I have left it unplugged for an hour and still have a red light. I cannot connect to the web interface, the windows app never worked. It does not show up as a device under networking either. This unit is only a couple of months old so I don’t think one of the harddrives failed, don’t know what to do next.

Hard drive failures are always a possibility and it does not matter if the unit is only a few months old. How are your drives set up as? If your setup is RAID 1, your data will be mirrored across both drives, so you could pull out drive 2 and see if it boots up with your data intact. If it does, you could swap in a fresh similar sized drive, or reformat the old one on another PC, and have the system rebuild itself. If it is JBOD, your data is actually stored on two separate volumes, so you could pull out drive 2 and try to recover the data on that drive in a Linux PC. However, if your drives are set up as SPAN or RAID0, please don’t do anything else and get help from knowledgeable friends or experts. If you’re unsure of anything and have important data, please don’t remove the drives at all.

Thanks for the reply, I think its JBOD, what ever it defaults to out the box. I didn’t know the difference when I first set it up so I let it default as much as possible. I would like my data or at least make sure that it’s gone.

I would be careful with your Ultra here. Rebooting a router should not cause the unit to malfunction this way nor cause it not to respond to resets. If a drive is faulty, the unit should still boot with a red light and error messages left in the Dashboard.

I checked the specs and if you’ve purchased an Ultra that was populated with hard drives, I believe they are setup in JBOD as the default, unlike the previous generation EX2. Your data is stored on two drives, and the contents in each would depend on how you setup the shares. If the total capacity in your Dashboard matches what you see printed on the product box, then it will likely be in the default mode as you left it out of the box.

Since you only have the error light on drive 2, I would assume it is possible to remove it, try to get the unit to boot, and check if the remaining shares are intact. You could mount drive 2 into a desktop with Linux installed (or boot one with a LiveCD) to check for faults, and recover any files from there. Unfortunately, you can’t do this in Windows 10 as it is unable to read EXT4 formatted drives. Again, I would recommend getting a knowledgeable friend, or wait for tech support to help, in case you lose anything else. Good luck.

I am just replying to this as I figured out why my ex2u had a power failure problem constantly the power supply jack that is inside the machine is only pressed on to the connector so far months or years of use it became very lose that the middle pin moves this makes it arch and possibly corrupt something I soldered the pin in place and everything went back to normal no power supply disconnect issues, hard drives are healthy not damaged like the system was saying.
This is a manufacturing issue with a cheap part.

Check the pin in the back power connector does not move around or side to side gently