Intermittent Red Light - RMA it?


I have looked for any answers to this but everyone with a red light seems to suffer from complete death of the unit.

I got my 8TB Ex2 Ultra on friday, proceeded to upgrade to the latest firmware and then reformat it in the webui for one spanning 8tb drive. Also installing phpmyadmin.

Then as I wanted to transfer everything from my 4TD my cloud i mounted the share in the 4tb dive using ssh.

So far so good. once i started transferring the files, every now and then it would lock up and produce a red light. hang for a while, close my ssh session but not reboot.

Teething problems i had hoped. I continued doing so and it did the same thing two or three more times over the weekend while i continued to slowly, methodically, copy my data.

Once i was satisfied that most of the 2tb of existing data i wanted to keep was transferred i set about setting up mysql after much frustration and googling to find out the user/pass for mysql i added the user (i am using this device for several Kodi boxes).

Then things got worse and worse, my network devices can never hit the db and the light seems to be getting worse.

Is there something i can try or shall i look to getting this device replaced? I live in Costa Rica (using diplomatic mail) so returning it and getting a replacement would probably mean waiting a significant amount of time.

Anyone care to offer any ideas on what might be going on with my device? THANKS!

First, try checking the S.M.A.R.T. drive status for the hard drives within your NAS. This can be done under Storage> RAID.

If both drives are healthy you could try a factory restore in case the issue is related to an internal configuration error.

thank you for the reply. i think i might have actually had a network problem.

continued to play with it last night and now have everything configured with no red light for a while.

i couldnt find any red light diagnosis help but hoping that a red light could also mean its dropped off the network and not a drive fault.


Check the messages in the WebUI