Red blinking light after firmware update


I have a MyCloud gen2. I had the drive disconnected for a while and when I turned it on it did an automatic firmware update. Like a lot of the people, it make it stop working, blue light blinking fast.

I read here about the system to fix it. Everything seem to work just fine, after the last step, manually setting the firmware (2.31.204). It rebooted, blue light but nothing happened. After a while, I restarted it again and now I have it with a blinking red light + it doesn’t appear on the router connected devices + using the usb to restart the process doesn’t work, stays in the red blinking light.

Soooo, it’s broken without hope of repair? Is there a way to recover the data?

Thank you very much.

I have the same problem, Did you get any solution to this ?

Same issue. Red blinking light, Reset after reset 4 seconds and 40 seconds. Nothing works.

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard? If so, as a troubleshooting step, try performing a System Only restore via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Utilities > System Factory Restore page. Some times the System Only restore will fix certain firmware issues that cause a red front LED.

Note: A System Only restore does not remove any user data.

System Only reverts system settings to their default values, but retains user data and shares.

No I cannot access Dashboard. I even purchased a Sata to USB and it still did not show up as a drive. I can hear what sounds like a fan and can feel a vibration but nothing acknowledges that it is plugged in. Just sent it for possible Data Recovery.

Thanks for trying,

Because the My Cloud hard drive is formatted for Linux, if one uses Windows one generally won’t see the drive contents when using a USB to SATA adapter. One would need to use a third party driver that can read Linux disks.

Downloaded Linux reader software. Still cannot see the drive.