Record TV on My Cloud


Am a total noob to all this. I want to use My Cloud to record TV on 2 smart TV’s

  1. Does My Cloud have to be plugged directly into the TV I wish to record/playback on or can this be done via wifi? (ideally what i would like)
  2. As both TV’s are a different brand would playback be limited to that of the TV it was recorded on?
  3. Would formatting My Cloud for TV mean I could not store other file formats (docs music etc)

Ideally I want to purchase a 2TB My Cloud and use it to store all my important files, record and playback TV and text the ex wife every day on the hour an expletive! lol

Help on this is much appreciated

I dont know of any smart tvs that support saving over LAN. some support saving over USB, but the MyCloud does not support being connected to a computer over USB.

What you might do is save onto a USB stick, then move the videos later onto the mycloud using a PC.

Most smart TVs will be able to use the DLNA server that is running on the mycloud to playback the files from that location. Just that I do not know of any smart tvs that support saving over NFS or SMB. (and DLNA is read only.)

The My Cloud is a network attached storage device. It is, at its base, a hard drive attached to the local area network from which computers and network devices can access to save/copy/delete data. It is not a “recorder” that is capable of recording from a “TV”.

Generally to record the content you watch on your TV would require a third device to record the signal coming into the TV to a NAS drive like the My Cloud device.

Now what you can do with a My Cloud device is save content to the My Cloud that you can play on a TV if that TV (or device connected to that TV) supports accessing a DLNA media server. The My Cloud includes a DLNA media server.


So I would need to attach the My Cloud with a USB to play it back or play back via the house Network? I may purchase a usb hard drive and transfere to cloud if I can play back from it via wifi.

Thank you so much for great customer support despite me as yet being a customer! wow! Impressive!



If you have not yet purchased a mycloud—

This is the side for older Mycloud units that are no longer on shelves (except maybe as a markdown item, as the devices are end of production.)

The newer MyCloud Home is a vastly different product, and works very differently. Please be sure you are asking questions from the right group of people for the device you intend to purchase.

That said-- If you are going to purchase a first or second generation MyCloud Personal Storage, and not a MyCloud Home, and you wish to use it as the data store for recorded television, you might look into setting up something like a MythTV box. Support for that kind of thing is outside the scope of this community site though. MythTV has its own community help. There are of course other options for a DIY DVR setup, but that one is pretty popular.