Record my TV to MyCloud instead of a flash drive

Hi all,
I have a Samsung TV and sometimes I record shows to watch later because they are past midnight.
I record them to a USB thumb drive but I would like to partition a part if my cloud, have the TV see it as a thumb drive, probably separate from the WDMy cloud itself, and record shows to that part. The reason it needs to be separate is that because the TV formats the USB to record the shows.
The reasons for wanting this:

  1. The USB is not always sufficient in terms of space/size
  2. I can watch anything on the MyCloud on any device at home, as opposed to just one TV I recorded it on.
  3. Just because :smile:

In two words: very unlikely.

MyCloud isn’t a USB HDD; it’s a network file server.
You cannot partition the disk on it, because you cannot get direct access to the file system on it; you have to go via the file server.
The USB port on it is a master port: you cannot write data to it via that port.
Your TV is unlikely to give you the option to record to a network drive. In fact, it’s rare for ‘smart TVs’ to even offer a network file server browser; they usually offer DLNA server browsers.

But read the manual for the TV: it may be smart enough to allow recording to a NAS. But I doubt it…