Reading a smart report?

hello, i thought i would make a seperate post for this, with new tags.

I wonder, if a ‘1’ is showing in the warranty colum of a smart report , does that mean it needs repair?

This drive did fail a short and an extended test last week, but then I wrote 0’s; and it now passes…

So i am unsure if i should go ahead and use the drive or not.  Does anyone know anything about this?  thanks : )


If it passes both tests then it means the drive is good.

The drive failed both tests and I had to buy a new drive to transfer files over, that was not good.

Then i wrote 0’s and it started working.

but I see three '1’s in the warranty colum

What does this mean?

Perhaps the ‘1’ in the warannty colum means that if the threshold of this particular attribute is passed, then a warranty RMA is allowed. the ‘1’ does not mean yes it is time to RMA the drive it just means keep an eye on the worst colum and see if it ever goes past the threshold. if it does, then its time to RMA, if under warrnaty still.