Data Lifeguard Tools: SMART DATA and "WARRANTY" field "1"

My WD1002FAEX-00Z3A HD passes all the SMART tests but it has a “1” under the column “warranty”. I have 3 (three) 1’s but most are all "0"s.  Does this mean the drive should be RMAed?

do you have a screenshot of it?


Sorry…I thought my question was a common one. The warranty column is on the far right. The window can’t be maximized or enlarged.


sorry but we cant see


Weird…it shows up for me.  Must becuz I am online and signed in.

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I believe the warranty column is identifying those SMART attributes that are life critical or “warranty-able”, not those which have failed. If the value of any of these attributes drops below the respective threshold, then you will be entitled to a warranty replacement. Wear-and-tear attributes such as Power On Hours Count would be non-warranty-able.