RMA Question

Started getting lockups on 4TB Black on Warranty being used in a caddy as a backup drive. Ran WD diagnostic on it and got an error. Submitted for an RMA and got it. Before returning the drive, I moved the data off and did a low level format. Ran the WD Extended Diagnostic and no longer get any errors i.e. “Passed”.

Question: Should I cancel the RMA and put the drive back in service, or send in the drive for a replacement anyway? Any further testing I can do?


If the drive passed the test then it means the drive is working properly. However, I know that you can have a doubt now because it failed the test before. So I recommend running 2 more tests if it passes both then don’t replace it. If it fails one then replace the drive.

That’s my personal recommendation,.

install “hard disk sentinel professional” and see the performance and health of the drive

if its 100 /100 let us see the read error rate and write error rate and i will help you (from costumer to costumer)

Thanks David for taking the time to look at this. The Performance is 100% but the health is only 68%. It reads:* “The drive found 32 bad sectors during its self test. At this point, warranty replacement of the disk is not yet possible, only if the health drops further.”*

Following is the SMART data:
1,Raw Read Error Rate,51,200,187,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
3,Spin Up Time,21,156,147,OK,000000002BA7,0,Enabled
4,Start/Stop Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),0000000000F0,0,Enabled
5,Reallocated Sectors Count,140,200,200,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
7,Seek Error Rate,0,200,200,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
9,Power On Time Count,0,99,99,OK (Always passing),000000000397,0,Enabled
10,Spin Retry Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
11,Drive Calibration Retry Count,0,100,253,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
12,Drive Power Cycle Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000031,0,Enabled
192,Power off Retract Cycle Count,0,200,200,OK (Always passing),000000000019,0,Enabled
193,Load/Unload Cycle Count,0,200,200,OK (Always passing),0000000000D6,0,Enabled
194,Disk Temperature,0,116,95,OK (Always passing),000000000024,0,Enabled
196,Reallocation Event Count,0,200,200,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
197,Current Pending Sector Count,0,200,200,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
198,Off-Line Uncorrectable Sector Count,0,200,200,OK (Always passing),000000000020,0,Enabled
199,Ultra ATA CRC Error Count,0,200,200,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
200,Write Error Rate,0,200,200,OK (Always passing),00000000007A,0,Enabled

There’s an exclamation point next to 198.

You can convert that hexadecimal column to decimal values with a right click

If the drive has 32 bad sectors ask wd to replace it under warranty :slightly_smiling:

Sorry for the long delay. I ran 2 quick tests with Data Lifeguard and the drive passed. Extended tests take significantly longer on a 4TB drive. Still running. At this point, it looks as though the drive should be put back in service according to Hamlet’s criteria. But according to David’s criteria I should return the drive as it does show 32 bad sectors. I guess the real question should have been: will WD take back the drive on an existing RMA given these scenario?


WD will replace the drive if you decide to go ahead with the RMA.

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yes WD will replace the drive without asking any questions my friend


Thanks David. Thanks Hamlet. The drive is on its way back.