I have been having a problem with my EX2 Ultra for a long time. It will write data to it at 80+MB/sec on a gigabit ethernet. It had 2 6TB WD NAS drives in it. But ever since about 6 months after buying it, I have been unable to get it to reliable download anything to a local computer, no matter how I have tried. What I don’t get is it will write to the raid0 array at bonkers fast speeds, but it wont read from it for nothing!!

Does anyone have any suggestions before I throw it in the trash and just buy another EX4 and the 4 6TB drives needed? I have had it for a while and have had plenty of data stored on it. Never maxed it out though.

It is just extremely frustrating to have something like this not do what it is supposed to do.

You should try contacting WD Support from the link given below as they can ask the critical question to isolate the issue and provide resolution for slow read/ write speed.

I gave up and chucked it into the burn barrel yesterday. The write speed was great at 100MB a second, but the read speed always stalled out after about the first 6 or 7 minutes.

Yesterday, I chucked mine too. It was so slow I could not even transfer files out of it again and that was just after a few days of operations. Thank god for the USB copy option.
I bought a second QNAP instead. Same price, but I had to get the drives seperately, as it doesn’t come preloaded. Small sacrifice to get something that works.

I love my EX4. That does a real good job both reading and writing. Right now I have 2 6TB in it in raid 0. If I ever get the money for 4 brand new drives, I will be getting 4 6tb WD RED NAS pro series drives. That is supposed to be the max one of those can take.

Does anyone got a solution? I have the exactly same problem.

my solution was to pull the drives from the ex2 and put them in the ex4 ultra and then pitch the ex2 into the trash and set it on fire.

Not really practical for most people, but I did it to stop the madness!!