Write speeds 0kb/s EX2 ultra ***HELP***


Bought a new router the ASUS RT-AC3200, attached my brand new my cloud ex2 ultra via the provided Ethernet cable (which is cat5e) directly to the router.

i am connecting all my devices around the home with cat5e cables which are running through the walls etc (which all come to a central TP-link 8 port Ethernet switch via a patch panel).

the problem i have is that when i try to copy large files from the NAS onto a device (eg. my business or personal computer) it doesn’t work. I get 0kb/s. Even opening programs or large files from the NAS just doesn’t work.
can someone please tell me why i am getting 0kb/s read speeds off the NAS when i have just invested in such expensive high end gear?

when i use my highend gaming pc with windows 10 to copy files onto the nas i am gettings write speeds between 70-100mb/s which is amazing. Using my business computers in my office that are running windows 7 i am getting speeds of about 45-60mb/s so then why when i try to read off of the NAS it simply doesnt work??

its really frustrating

Thanks, much appreciated


I would recommend that you perform a “System Only” restore and then retry to read off the NAS.

Click on the link below for more information.



seems to be working now. speeds are great as well. am getting between 50-100mb/s read speeds and right speeds now.

will let you know if anything goes wrong in the next few days.


btw any idea what the issue was?

i have a “private folder” and “public folders” mapped on all pcs in the homes as z: and y: drives respectively.

i also had encryption turned off and jumbo frames set to 9000 and link speed set to 1000, also had itunes off and dlna media on prior to doing the restore.

now that i have done the restore will all these setting be reset back to normal? eg. ill be getting encryption now?