Read DL4100 drives on PC

I came to work to a DL4100 that seems to be stuck in some kind of cycle. Turns on and off by itself. power light blinks. drive lights are solid blue. There are some files that I need ASAP… My question is, since the NAS is not working (I have tried steps posted in this forum for similar problems with no success) Can I remove the drive(s) and plug them into my winodws pc with a usb disk reader and access the files? I plugged one in already and my pc asked me to initialize it… I did not do that. What can I do to get access to my fiels asap? I have no idea what RAID was in use but there are only 2 hard drives.

you need some type of raid recovery software most will show what files you can get for free but have to pay to drab n drop
Or there may be some way fro free with a linux box but I have no clue

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Thank you for your reply. I tried this (After reading your other posts). It did not work for me, as of yet. It is currently doing the same thing. I read some other posts that said to let it cycle for a while (days) and it may come back. I am crossing my fingers.