DL4100 Disks in EX4100

Hi guys.
So. A while ago my DL4100 bricked, maybe due to this omnious Firmware update, maybe just so.
(See DL4100 Not Booting for further insight on the issue).

As I am an absolute noob around Linux I asked a Friend if he could look into getting the data from the disks. He really tried all his best but was absolutely unable to get his hands on the data.

Now comes part two of the data rescue. A new / or used enclosure. Problem is I cant find any DL4100 devices anywhere near me (Switzerland).
So, my question is:
Would it be possible to put the disks into a different WD Model NAS? EX4100 maybe?
Spec wise they seem to be the same and only differ regarding the CPU. So would the system boot up without trying to rebuild/reset the data on my disks so that I could at least access them?

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.
Thank you in advance.

Part three of my data rescue quest would be then contacting a professional Data recovery company.


You don’t actually need another DL4100 or anything else. If you can plug all 4 hard drives (Or how many drives are in your RAID array) into a standard desktop (Anything with at least the same number of SATA ports as drives you have), then boot a Live Linux distro (A Ubuntu install disk, or this Linux Distro Parted Magic I use https://partedmagic.com/ it costs $ but you can also find it elsewhere on the internet… ) it should boot and let you see the array automatically for most distros. I forgot which one I used, but one of those two did automatically see my array on boot, and I didn’t need to run any command line utilities or anything for it to work. It’s Standard Linux Raid so most OS’s can see it.

From there, I just plugged in a USB 8TB I had (Luckily my data was less than 8TB!) and I copied and pasted the data. I then later picked up a Synology DS918+ and put my drives in there, formatted them, and then copied the data back.

Using another NAS, it might just pick it up. I’m unsure. The WD Nas stores the OS on the hard drives on a partition, if the OS on the hard drive was made for another model, it may not boot. Your best bet would be using some sort of Linux on a Desktop to try and access the data.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: