Replacing DL4100 NAS when out of production but RAID array is ok

I think this is a VERY important business oriented question.

Say in a few months time the DL4100 is out of production, and the NAS enclosure fails, but the RAID array is very healthy. What would be the procedure to obtaining another NAS that would recognise the RAID array and automatically use it.

Just because a NAS enclosure becomes obsolete does not mean that it won’t be used for many months or years after.

For example, I have a lower powered Windows XP laptop and even though that OS has been retired by Microsoft, I have a number of programs that won’t work with anything Windows 7 or higher and there is no replacement for those programs.

You don’t need the new box to recognize the array, just put your discs in it if you want to keep using the old disc, and restore your backup.

It is very hard to move windows 7 to new hardware. You should probably convert it to a VM for prosperity. OTH, window 8 and above move to new hardware nicely.

Pooh, looks like edit is not an option on he iPad. XP is kinda moveable to new hardware with a repair install. Still if you run P2V on it and get a vm, you will have it forever.

I’m confused. I’m on about when the DL4100 is out of production, the NAS enclosure breaks but the RAID is healthy. What would be the procedure to get another NAS enclosure that would recognise and use the RAID array from the dead out-of-production-and-support (end-of-life) NAS enclosure?

I was kinda trying to compare moving any OS to new hardware. It can be iffy at best and there is no way a hardware vendor can say, yes, you can pull your drive(s) out and put them in something 3 years down the road when they have no clue what is down the road.

There are utilities to mount RAID arrays out of the box for Windows. I am sure a Linux person might know how to get the data from the discs if the box died. I would think a box with a video port would be nice for that, but again, I have no clue about *nix.

As I said, a backup of your NAS data would allow you to restore it to any platform. The XP P2V was a “free” idea

This is a problem and a major a single point of failure. I wonder if WD would have plans for future Linux NAS’s to be able to support RAID arrays and JBODs from discontinued NASs?