Swapping DL400 into newer product

I hope someone can help. We have a WD DL400 that has been working faultlessly for several years. Today, it won’t boot up. We have tried the resetting procedure and taking the battery out. Does anybody know if the 4 drives can be slotted into a new product (for instance the EX4100). We need to get this sorted quickly as we can’t work without access to the drive. Many thanks.

@Dormansblue Here are links to information that should help you.


You can connect disks to regular PC for save your data.
Connectin disks to another NAS, theoretically, possible (If firmware version and configuration is same).

  • WD uses “MD-Raid” (Software raid), that present in almost all linux’s. Disks contain their configuration, so mdadm (tool) can assembly your raid automatically, regardless of the sequence in which the disks are connected.