Re-install MyCloud Drive

Hi one of my clients has given me a WDBCTL0040HWT 4TB NAS drive for recycling. I have removed the internal hard drive and securely wiped the disk.

Is it possible to re-install the original WD firmware on this device? I have put the disk back in but the device shows a solid red light at the front, also the device does not get any IP address from DHCP.

Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, and search for “unbrick”. There are a number of past discussions on how to partition/format a hard drive and then push the My Cloud firmware to it. Note that you will need to know if the single bay My Cloud is a first gen v3.x/v4.x or a second gen v2.x unit. The firmware and process to unbrick is different for each version.

User Fox_exe has a set of directions for each version that many have used with success.
FIrst gen:
Second gen:

Thank you for this, I have a first gen device.
I have tried to follow the article however I got stuck at step 10 when trying to download the archive. Is there a working link?

Try the following link. Which will take you to a google drive folder containing both files. Download only one of them, typically the v4.x file.

Thank you I have been able to follow the guide and install the v04.01.02-417 firmware. I then used the auto update on the dashboard to update it to v04.05.00-327. I am pleased it also shows the correct amount of free space at 3.9TB